About Me

What is Buz2Tech ?

Buz2Tech is a Blog for those who love tech and want to earn money..
Blogging needs proper guidance and perfect resources to learn the concepts that result in better productivity & greater content.

Lack of proper guidance leads to disappointment which results in unsuccessful blogging. And Here "Buz2Tech" comes to rescue by helping you with quality and easy to follow Tips, Tricks and Tutorials to make your blog a successful Money Making blog. Also we will tell you about new mobiles and laptops deal. And other news...

So, ready to earn money and knowledge. Then without wasting a minute start reading our blog.

Who Am I ?

So, now the million Dollar Question. Who Am I......????? Good question :)

owner of buz2tech

My Name is Ghanshyam Singh Shaktawat. I am the owner of buz2tech.online. I live in Rajasthan, India. I am a class 12th student. I am 17 years old and blogging from the last 3 years. From what I have learned, I am going to help you to grow your blog like me. I am here to share my experience with you.

My hobbies:

  • I like web designing and editing.
  • I am a professional csgo player too.
  • I am a good painter.
  • Loves watching movies.
  • I am also a good writer.